PARTY 18 plus

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What kind of game is it?

The game is intended for companies starting from three people. Maybe it’s your girlfriend’s  cute girl who came to visit you with delicious wine. Maybe it’s one of your boyfriend’s guy who makes ambiguous attentions to you. Maybe you just uninhibited company of friends, who in one moment decided to have fun adultly. Or even, you are already swingers with great experience. It doesn’t matter, you know each other for a long time or just came together for the realization of fantasies of each other – the game will help you organize your leisure original.

How to play?

Players randomly get tasks which they should perform. The game will smoothly guide you from innocent kisses and vulgar questions, to the immodest realization of your sexual fantasies

The game, when it selecting tasks, takes into account the number of players, clothing, sex toys and fetishes available to you and whith that you agree to.

In addition, various bonuses and surprises will make each game unique.


  • The game is intended for companies from three to six people
  • Hundreds of different tasks with intellectual selection
  • The ability to set clothes in which players are wear now
  • Allowed toys and preferred fetishes are taken into account
  • Bonuses and surprises that change the gameplay
  • Impressions that you will remember for all your life 🙂

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Windows version 2.20:
BAIDU SERVER (Code: i4pg)

Android version 2.20:
BAIDU SERVER (Code: veqm)

macOS version 2.20: