Last Man 2.95

In this build, we have a continuation of the storyline with the beauty Tara. If anyone does not remember, this is Naomi’s sister, and by her tip we make our way to the casino to steal staff lists (which will increase our income from the Pink Rhino). Well, today she will ask for a return […]

Last Man 2.93

As usual, the last build of the month is dedicated to bug fixes and scene improvements. Updated the scene of meeting with Alexa in the casino. This is the girl who will start the Poker Tournament event. She received new code and additional dialogs. Updated scene of a trip with Vera to North-City. She will […]

Last Man 2.92

A new casino event has appeared in this build. The bosses of this institution decided that it would be nice for the image to bring some star from the capital. But in the world after the epidemic, there are difficulties with transport, security, and sure a guest will want to pay for her services, so […]

Last Man 2.91

In this build, a dozen repeated quests have been added (marked with a blue exclamation mark), which will help you earn money or just diversify the passage of the game. All this quests are scattered in all cities and will periodically come across to you during the game. The saves system was updated. It received […]

Last Man 2.89

In this build there are a lot of fixes and updates for key events, so I advise everyone to update game. The first three events at the Science Center were completely rewritten. The riddle with the code now supports the new skill system. If you have at least few points in intelligence, the hero will […]

Last Man 2.88

From this build, the new character settings system has become available on all accounts. Old skills such as repair, breaking, etc., as well as alpha points have been removed from the game. I’ll tell you a little about the new system. Now our character will have 5 parameters: strength, agility, intelligence, endurance and charisma. You […]